Tutti & Co Pose Earrings - Silver


Statement stud earrings, designed to a bold, interlocking shape.
Featuring two open rings with contrasting textures - one with a smooth, polished finish and the other with rippled texture, taken from naturally-eroded rocks found on our local beaches.

Made from polished brass with 925 silver plating. Precious, enduring metals that won’t tarnish in water, under the sun, or over time.

Presented in a Tutti & Co statement cloth pouch and gift bag made from recycled materials.

  • Dimensions:  Height: 1.6cm Width: 2.3cm Thickness: 0.2cm
  • Material:  Made from polished brass with 925 silver plating


Designed in Tutti & Co's studio on the North East coastline, each of their products starts as an idea, then a sketch, and is thoughtfully hand-finished. Inspired by natural surroundings, created with a holistic view of life in mind.