Ithaca Meze Bowl & Spoon


Transport yourself to the picturesque Ionian Islands of Greece with our Ithaca Meze Bowl, inspired by the vibrant Meze culture.



Handcrafted from ceramics, each bowl boasts a unique charm. It features a simple molded pattern on the outside with shades and bubbles varying from piece to piece. This contrasts beautifully with the smooth, neutral-toned glaze on the inside.



These nibble-style bowls' rustic elegance shines when filled with fresh sauces and dips, creating a visually striking presentation. Complete with a matching spoon, this set is perfect for setting the table ahead of tapas evenings or family dinners.

  • Dimensions: H6.5 x Diameter 15cm
    Spoon: H2.3 x W15.3 x D4.6cm

  • Crafted in Ceramic

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Microwave safe

  • Due to this item being hand-glazed, there may be some irregularity in the glaze with a bubbled finish, which is part of the rustic nature of the product