Helen Moore Tippet Scarf - Silver Leopard


This beautiful Tippet Scarf is a signature Helen Moore design; the classic Tippet Scarf adds a beautiful touch to any outfit. Wear in a crossover style with a pull-through elastic loop.

  • Size: Length 94cm x width 11cm

  • Composition: 100% polyester faux fur

  • Wash and care: Sponge Clean. Brush when Dry. Cold wash if necessary

Good to Know 

Helen Moore's faux fur is an ideal substitute for real fur. It is cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals.

All their faux fur products are 100% fake, and fabrics undergo full composition testing, ensuring no animal fibres are present.

They have a cruelty-free ethos, which condemns the practice of using real fur and believes that it is an unjust and unnecessary evil to keep animals in captivity, and for them to suffer appalling abuse before being inhumanely killed, solely for their fur.

They are Peta Approved.