Arran 'Glen Rosa' Bath & Shower Gel 300ml


This Glen Rosa Bath & Shower Gel is relaxing and rejuvenating. Its sensuous, warm fragrance envelopes you in an embrace of luscious honeyed fruit, reflective of endless summer sunsets. The gel is enhanced with Pro Vitamin B5, known to promote enhanced skin condition.

  • Size: 300ml
  • Cleansing formulation
  • Contains pro-vitamin B5
  • Promotes enhanced skin condition
  • Sensuous fragrance 

Good to know...

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang

This fragrance is inspired by the vibrant summer sunsets over the lush green hills of Glen Rosa. Discover the warmth of honeyed fig, combined with the captivating freshness of crushed green leaves. This scent is perfect for your warm, vibrant character. You love to feel connected to nature, and our Glen Rosa fragrance captures the sensuous experience of a moment enjoying a peaceful Arran sunset.