Green Onyx Birthstone (May) Necklace - Gold

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This stunning statement piece necklace features a green onyx – an elegant gem known for its confidence-boosting powers and associated with truth and good fortune.

Designed to be adjusted, you can wear it as a choker or mid-length necklace.

It is made from polished brass with gold plating. Precious, enduring metals that won't tarnish in water, under the sun, or over time.

Presented in a Tutti & Co signature branded drawstring fabric pouch made from recycled materials. 

  • Length: 45cm
  • Adjustable Length: 51cm
  • Birthstone Height: 0.7cm
  • Birthstone Width: 0.7cm

To tailor the length of this necklace to your liking, clip the clasp into one of the two adjuster rings.